I’ve always been a massive foodie. I’m one of those people that plans what to have for lunch while they’re eating their breakfast – you know the drill. I’m not fussy either; my Mum often tells tales of two-year-old me wolfing down kippers and spicy curries. I’ve always leaned towards the adventurous when it comes to food… try everything, LOVE everything.

This love affair with food continued until I was 16, when I began to suffer with bouts of IBS. Instead of trying to tackle it, stubborn old me thought: “Why should I stop eating pasta and all of the things that I love?” I suffered for years, determined not to give in to my body – which I now know was crying out to be listened to. It was a long time before I started to let my body make my food decisions, rather than my stubborn mind.

This transformation began when I embarked on a health kick before my wedding, and discovered all of the delicious dishes you can make from plant-based ingredients. I hadn’t realised the damage that processed food and sugar does to your body. I began to experiment with different ways of eating and my digestive problems reduced significantly. I was fascinated – and I learned to love food in a whole new way.

The shift in attitude towards food has been mirrored by a change in approach to fitness. Back in my pizza and pasta days, exercise was not on my radar. So much so that, the first time my now husband dragged me to the gym, I physically cried. I’d never been the sporty type, and I was convinced everyone was wondering what I hell I was doing there. Of course, I soon got over myself (and realised people are far too absorbed in their own work out to care what anybody else is doing), and started to go three to four times a week. Since moving to Dubai my love for exercise has grown and grown. I now work out five or six times a week and I love to try new things. There is so much variety here – it’s amazing.

My recent discovery of mindfulness has also made me realise how important it is to keep a fit and healthy mind. Health isn’t just about eating well and exercising; its about what we think and what we say. I hope sharing my experiences of this might inspire you, since it has dramatically changed my life for the better.

Why a website?

Now that I’ve embraced a largely plant-based diet, I no longer believe you have to eat less to maintain your ideal weight. Previously, I thought going hungry was the price you paid to lose weight. If I was trying to be ‘good’, I’d go to bed hungry and wake up ravenous – not fun. Following my change in eating habits over two years ago, I now weigh less than I did in my early twenties… result! Eat more and weigh less? Yes please!

While I’m not 100 per cent vegan, plant based food makes up around 70 to 80 per cent of my diet. I love to fly this flag, but I’ll admit I’m very partial to eggs (especially at the weekend), and I love the odd bit of fish or meat. For me, it’s all about balance. I know a lot of bloggers recommend a stricter approach, but that’s simply not me. I’ll never deny indulging in a glass or three of wine and a pizza now and then.

I started this website because my personal food, fitness and mindfulness journey has genuinely changed my life for the better, so sharing what I’ve learned here might just help to change yours too!

At a time when the food industry has brain-washed us into thinking we’re too busy to prepare our own meals, remember you can always make time for things you want to do and care about. It just takes a little preparation and organisation – a small price to pay to feel strong and energised, and a fantastic investment in your future health. At the risk of getting serious, eating more plants is the way to go in order to sustain health. It’s widely documented that if we all ate more plants, there would be significantly less disease in the world. Pretty important stuff to take note of!

I hope my tips and recipes inspire you, and show how anyone can make healthy eating, exercise and mindfulness a natural part of their everyday life. If somebody had told me ten years ago that I would transform my lifestyle approach so dramatically, I wouldn’t have believed them. I hope you enjoy this website as much as I enjoy putting it together!


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